Martijn Dam is Product Marketer at Planon

Martijn Dam

Solution Services Specialist

Martijn has worked within the international facility management software industry since 2003 in various positions including project management, business consultancy and sales. Martijn joined Planon in 2018 and is currently a Solution Product Marketer for our service provider solutions, including product positioning and go-to-market strategies. With his experience at several local and international service providers, he is a subject matter expert in digitalizing commercial FM processes.

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Martijn has been working in the international facility management software industry for more than twenty years. During his career he has held various positions within several software companies in the IWMS industry including sales, project management, business consultancy and product marketing. Martijn joined Planon in 2018 and is currently the Solution Services Specialist for our Service Provider solutions.

With his experience with several local and international Service Providers, Martijn is a respected subject matter expert with a solid understanding of how software can contribute to achieving business objectives. In this position Martijn’s responsibilities include customer partnerships, software implementation methodologies and delivering strategic business consultancy to clients.

Martijn is a dedicated professional in his field, but he also finds pleasure in a couple of distinct hobbies. He has a deep fascination with power kiting, enjoying the forces of the wind on a beautiful deserted beach. In addition, Martijn is the biggest judo fan of both his children, enjoying coaching them when they participate in competitions. These hobbies provide a refreshing balance and allow him to unwind and recharge even outside work.

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The Value of Intelligent Process Automation for FM Service Providers

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This blog explains what FM service providers should consider when implementing a hyperautomation strategy and explores related technologies.

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How service providers can meet the changing expectations of their customers

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Three key questions about smart workflow automation for FM service providers

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Why Service Providers should embrace a B2B2C business model

October 8, 2020 | Martijn Dam

When commercial service providers extend their existing “business to business” (B2B) relationship with contract managers to also include the end users and “consumers” of the service this series of interconnected relationships is referred to as the B2B2C-model.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it

September 24, 2020 | Martijn Dam

Commercial facility management service providers should consider whether they would rather build a custom solution or buy an existing software system to meet all their specific requirements.

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