Nico van Dijk, Planon Product Manager Maintenance Management.

Nico van Dijk

Former Product Manager Maintenance Management at Planon

Nico van Dijk has extensive experience in software development and had management roles at Planon and Dutch Railways (NS) focusing on maintenance and project management. There he held positions such as Product Manager, Functional Architect, Business Consultant, and System Designer over a span of several years.

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Nico has a substantial career history predominantly in software development and management, with a specific focus on maintenance and project management. In his former role as Product Manager for Maintenance Management at Planon, he led the conceptualization and development of software solutions within this domain, proving his innovativeness.

His earlier role as a Functional Architect at Planon involved pivotal contributions to the design and development of Planon ProCenter Enterprise Edition, which emphasized his expertise in software architecture and design. This involved intricate work on the design and concepts of various modules, including maintenance management, project management, contract management, rent administration, invoicing, and cash flow management. His contributions significantly impacted the enhancement and advancement of Planon's software offerings, thanks to his technical skills and strategic vision within the organization.

During his tenure at NS, he worked as a Business Consultant and Project Manager, implementing administrative systems and contributing to information plans. His career also encompassed roles such as System Designer, providing him with a comprehensive and diverse skill set that then created proficiency across multiple facets of software development and system management.