Wanda Stoop-Zijlstra, Planon's Executive VP HR in the headquarter in Nijmegen.

Wanda Stoop-Zijlstra

EVP Human Resources

Wanda joined Planon in 1994 and has been an integral part of the company’s development. Since 2002, Wanda has been leading the HR organization and activities, managing the set-up, professionalization and continuous development needed to support the company’s fast-paced growth.

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Wanda Stoop is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources. She joined Planon in 1994, when the company was in its start-up phase, and has played a crucial role in Planon's growth and development ever since. Soon after joining, Wanda took up the position of Director of Finance, taking charge of Planon's Finance & Accounting team. Since 2002, Wanda has been at the helm of the HR organization and activities, overseeing its establishment, professionalization, and continuous development to support the company's rapid expansion. She is a strong advocate for the significance of lifetime employability (sustainable employment) and creating a stimulating, inspiring and healthy environment that enables individuals to work, learn, live, and play.

Wanda holds a bachelor's degree in Finance & Control from Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Her areas of expertise encompass HR Strategy, Change Management, M&A due diligence & integration, Organizational & Cultural Design, Organizational Development, DEIB, International mobility as well as the regular HR and Finance activities.

As the Executive VP Human Resources at Planon, Wanda has initiated and supported numerous projects, including the definition of the Healthy Hybrid Workplace framework to promote a hybrid way of working that nurtures collaboration, connection, socializing and fun in our “clubhouse” offices, and at the same time honors the benefits of working from home.

As a full-time employed parent with a huge dedication to her family throughout her entire career, she understands the importance of retaining a healthy balance between work and private life in order to reach your personal and professional ambitions.

With a passion for cultures and languages, Wanda enjoyed the development of her proficiency during the international expansion of Planon, from Europe to North America, Asia, and more recently Israel, Australia and New Zealand. She actively promotes a culture that allows people to unleash their full potential by being their true self, celebrating their diversity and experiencing a great sense of belonging.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Wanda enjoys engaging in employee activities worldwide, promoting a sense of unity and collaboration across different cultures and countries. As one of the lead singers in Planon’s own house band NoPlan, she livened up many of the social company events over the past 15 years.

With her experience and unwavering dedication, Wanda continues to shape the people-first HR sphere at Planon, contributing to the company's success and fostering a positive work culture.