Darthmouth University campus.

Dartmouth College Selects Planon’s IWMS for Optimization of Facilities Operations

August 23, 2017 - Planon announced today that Dartmouth College has selected Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for optimization of facilities operations. The Planon solution will help the maintenance operations, real estate, and space teams to effectively and efficiently manage the Ivy League facilities throughout the entire facilities lifecycle.

“Planon is particularly proud of this winning partnership between this amazing higher education institution and our company”, said Fred Guelen, President of North American Operations and CFO. “Dartmouth, like other colleges and universities in North America and around the world, is migrating legacy systems to Planon Universe in the Cloud. With this partnership in place, Planon will be delivering to Dartmouth the most advanced, comprehensive and innovative IWMS in the world.”

After conducting a thorough evaluation of relevant IWMS vendors, Planon Universe was selected based on very specific criteria. The objective in the first phases of implementation is to successfully identify and implement this robust IWMS to facilitate real estate optimization, maintenance operations, time keeping, and mobile technology for the labor crews. The goal is to do so in a way that would minimize administrative workload while maximizing cross-communication and data mining.

While beginning with the real estate application, the value of the IWMS solution will be that Dartmouth can also implement modules for maintenance optimization, space planning and management, as well as inventory management utilizing Planon’s best practice. One of the reasons Planon was selected over other vendors was due to Planon’s embedded best practices in the design of the software based on over 2,800 successful implementations around the world.

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