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DELA cooperative simplifies reservation process with Planon software

~ Installation of Planon software results in a better service for bereaved families and faster information to employees ~

June 23, 2015 – In order to become the most customer-focused funeral service provider in the Netherlands, DELA cooperative launched a “Customer Focused Working” project at the beginning of 2013. One of the underlying programs within this project was the improvement of customer focus in the Reporting and Reservations department. To achieve this, DELA selected Planon’s Integrated Services Management solution and Self-Service solution.

“It is our aim to provide optimum support to bereaved families and employees,” says Kristel van Reenen, Programme Manager at DELA. “After a selection process, it appeared that Planon’s software best suited our needs in terms of functionality and architecture. In addition, the friendly user interface and the flexibility of the system played an important role in choosing Planon.”

The previous reservation system cost DELA a considerable amount of time to find out which locations and resources were available for a funeral. In addition to this, the undertakers could only pass on reservations through the back office of DELA’s head office.

“Aided by Planon’s Integrated Services Management solution, the Reporting and Reservations department now has a better overview of the availability of venues, audio-visual equipment and parking spaces, etc. In addition, the Planon Self-Service solution enables the undertaker to make a reservation directly with the bereaved family at home instead of centrally. Implementation of this solution will lead to improved services to bereaved families, faster information to employees and a higher efficiency and better cost control,” continued van Reenen.

Ultimately, the self-service solution will also be applied to another program, allowing bereaved families to make some arrangements online, such as viewing the venues and establishing the funeral location. During the funeral preparations, a bereaved relative would also be able to make changes, for example to the catering.

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