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Planon Corp. and MWBE Unite collaborate to expand diversity in the real estate industry

March 21, 2023 – Planon Corporation announced today that it has become the inaugural sponsor of MWBE Unite, a platform supplier organization that advocates for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs). Through this relationship, Planon will help MWBEs through advocacy, awareness, and support of MWBE Unite’s mission to promote diversity: supplier diversity and workforce diversity.

"We are thrilled to sponsor MWBE Unite and provide minority- and women-owned businesses with the support and opportunities they need to succeed," said Darlene Pope. "As President of Planon Corporation, I am personally committed to furthering the mission of MWBE Unite through my leadership role and industry engagement. Our goal is to support MWBEs in their efforts to thrive and grow within the real estate industry."

MWBE Unite, founded in 2022 and incubated by nationally recognized WBE firm JRT Realty Group, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies and institutions meet their diversity commitments while also taking advantage of high-level industry expertise.

Through this sponsorship, MWBE Unite and Planon will work together to provide MWBE members with both educational and occupational benefits as well as a commitment for increased utilization of MWBE resources.

"This relationship is a win-win for MWBEs and the business community as a whole," said Pay Wu, Co-Founder and President of MWBE Unite. "By introducing the MWBEs we work with to Planon's services and solutions, we are helping to ensure that MWBEs have access to the opportunities and the resources they need to succeed."

Planon’s sponsorship of MWBE Unite includes a series of educational webinars, articles, executive roundtable discussions, hackathons and more, aimed at promoting advocacy and visibility to minority resources within the proptech industry.

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