March 16, 2023 – Planon has launched the Planon Workplace App, which enables organizations to provide a mobile-first, personalized connection between people and their workplace, services, and facilities.

The enhanced app helps to improve the hybrid working experience and equips users with a convenient, personalized, mobile user interface which enables them to:

  • Locate and book their ideal desk, meeting room and other facilities
  • Visually identify and book workspaces directly from an interactive floor plan
  • Easily create requests for cleaning, catering, maintenance and other facility services
  • View information about their colleagues, including when they expect to be in the office

Pierre Guelen, Planon’s founder and CEO says,

“The Planon Workplace App provides your employees with a mobile-first, personalized connection to their workspaces and improves access to workplace services. This increases productivity, enhances well-being and strengthens the connection between employees and their organization - one of the biggest challenges with today’s hybrid and flexible working models.”

The app seamlessly connects with Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) and Planon Workplace Edition, and can easily be added to an existing Planon IWMS deployment or purchased with a new system. A free 14-day trial account is also available.

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