Radboud University campus.

Radboud University gains insight into student workplace availability

~ Planon offers Radboud University tools to optimize occupation ~

March 2nd, 2015 - This February, Radboud University started a pilot program using Planon software to enhance studying in a dynamic environment. The university is now offering students the option of easily reserving a workplace online, via apps and kiosks. The students’ responses have been very positive, with more than 400 reservations and 1000 occupancy hours registered in the first eight days.

“The availability of workplaces— at the university library in particular—has always been a point for attention for us,” says Marloes Hermsen, IT Consultant at Radboud University. “We commenced a pilot together with Planon to drastically improve this situation. For example, we are testing several tools that can help provide insight into the availability of study facilities. And we continuously ask students to provide feedback concerning matters that can be improved or what could be done differently.”

The pilot began after a survey was conducted in 2012 on students’ perceptions of the availability of work spaces. It showed that students regularly went home because there was no suitable workplace. Students can now easily find and claim a workplace online or via a touch screen. In addition, students can use the Planon Apps to scan a QR code to reserve a workplace. And they can do so within a matter of seconds.

In order to be able to study productively, students require a study area that is suitable for their activities. It is inconvenient if they go to campus only to discover that there is no computer, silent workplace, or group room available. The dynamics of contemporary student life demand an appropriate solution.

“We wish to offer our students a workplace that is in line with their needs at a specific moment and improve our services to them. At the same time, this pilot offers us more insight into the effectiveness of the workplaces that are offered,” says Marloes Hermsen. “During the pilot phase, we have the opportunity to gear the solution in the best possible way to the needs and wishes of students. We obtain insight into the actual occupation on the basis of the reports generated by our Planon solution. This provides us with starting points to reduce no-shows in future and to increase optimal occupation.”

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