Siemens headquarters.

Siemens Real Estate deploys Planon real estate management software worldwide

~ Reaching a goal of harmonization and standardization of business processes, services and IT ~

October 11th, 2016 – Siemens AG, the largest engineering company in Europe and a leader in energy-efficient technologies, has decided to globally deploy Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), which supports efficient management throughout the entire real estate lifecycle. This project is part of the ONE Global project, used by Siemens Real Estate (SRE) to promote the harmonization and standardization of its business processes and services based on a global real estate solution. The Cloud-based software will be integrated into the IT landscape of the Siemens company, to define and implement a globally uniform, central and integrated system to support SRE business processes.

SRE is currently managing more than 50 million square feet of office, industry, production and specialist space at over 2,400 Siemens AG locations worldwide.

Dr. Stephan Jakoby, Chief Financial Officer at Siemens Real Estate, explains, “The solution offered by Planon allows us to support our real estate business processes throughout the entire real estate life cycle, based on a globally uniform system. This will be an outstanding productivity measure for us, meaning we can manage corporate real estate in an optimal, future-oriented way. On the one hand, we will significantly reduce our IT costs, while on the other, the standardization and simplification of the processes will significantly reduce the effective workload of our operating units.”

The IWMS offered by Planon software provides a wide range of pre-configured integrated standard processes. At the same time, it connects all areas involved in the operational real estate business on a central platform. Planon’s Accelerator, which is integrated into the software and based on the best practice experiences from over 2,800 successful implementations worldwide, ensures a quick, user-friendly installation.

“I am honored that Planon was selected by Siemens as their global real estate software,” said Fred Guelen, CFO and President of North American Operations at Planon. “Working with our global clients like Siemens is what allows us to be an innovative partner, creating future-proof solutions that connect all users through a central platform.”

SRE will deploy the Planon real estate solution worldwide. The priorities here will be lease management, area management, maintenance, facility management and facility services in real estate at Siemens AG.

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