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Behind the curtain

In today’s top performing organizations, an engaging workplace contributes more and more to the overall experience of employees. A comfortable desk to work at, collaboration areas, automatic lighting when entering air-conditioned conference rooms, spaces tuned to personal preferences, and everything controlled by an app to make it more simple and engaging for the employee.

Imagine being at the theatre, the curtain goes up and you see an amazing performance, maybe a play, a ballet, or a world class opera. You were so absorbed by the performance of the actors, dancers and musicians, the lighting and ambience that when leaving the theatre you still felt like you were living in that other world you just experienced with your eyes, ears and soul. Now, would you have felt the same if your seat had been uncomfortable, the lighting broken and the toilets out of order? I’m sure you wouldn’t.

An engaging workplace – the overall experience

A theatre not only needs its actors to deliver their best performance, it also needs all amenities to be well maintained and working perfectly. Only the combination of both – the star on the stage and the work in the background – shapes the overall experience for the audience. In today’s workplaces, top performing organizations enhance the overall experience for their employees by creating an engaging workplace. They acknowledge the importance of an environment that helps its users to be more productive and successful. When employee engagement increases, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention by up to 87%. Imagine the positive effect on your company’s finances!

Planon offers the Planon Workplace App to allow you to benefit from the above-mentioned positive effect. It is the new standard in workplace innovation: designed to make workplace users feel safe, comfortable, and productive when navigating and using the work environment. The star on the “workplace stage.”

The app itself – the star – already adds value by increasing engagement, but it can shine brighter when supporting a friction-free workplace environment. A workplace people can enjoy and that helps to provide greater comfort and wellbeing for every person inside - boosting their performance. This is where facility management teams come in and set the stage. Many things in everyday life are taken for granted - having power for lighting, working lifts, controlled air conditioning, or hot water - but it requires effective monitoring and maintenance to keep all these utilities running. You want to reserve a room with the app? – go ahead. But who and what makes sure the lights are working, and the HVAC systems are up and running as they should be? And who manages the cleaning of the desk you reserved via the app? Many processes like cleaning, maintenance or space management have a role to play. No easy job for facility management teams.

Entering: IWMS

This is where Planon’s IWMS offers a helping hand. Our IWMS platform simplifies, automates and digitizes all these different business processes and connects the various property technologies across your real estate portfolio on a central platform, leading to one data source that contains all relevant workplace management data. Functioning as a single pane of glass, our IWMS supports RE and FM professionals to improve the performance of both their buildings and businesses.

Using our IWMS, RE and FM professionals can do their jobs to the best of their ability and create the perfect stage for the Workplace App to shine. The seamless interaction between the app and the IWMS enhances the experience for the workplace users even further. The perfect synergy between the star, the audience, and the people behind the curtain.

Portrait of Planon's Global Partner Marketeer Stefanie Kubot.

Stefanie Kubot

Global Partner Marketeer

Stefanie joined Planon’s marketing department in 2019. Today she works as a Global Partner Marketeer with a focus on the positioning, messaging and marketing strategy within the Planon Partner ecosystem.

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