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Tame complexity and achieve business success through process standardization

Complexity does not have to be bad for business

Complexity is often thought of as bad for business. It has been blamed for hindering innovation, disrupting customer service, reducing productivity and ultimately slowing growth. In fact, a Harvard Business Review survey found that 86% of respondents state that their organization’s business processes and decision-making was so complex that it was inhibiting their ability to grow.

If you are a facility service provider you may find that the complexity of your operations is proving to be a drag on your ability to be agile and grow. You are dealing with multiple clients, each with their own real estate portfolios. Your clients might be all located in a single country, across a region, or spread across the globe. You are being asked to provide a growing number of services across building operations and maintenance (hard-FM), support services (soft-FM), and new areas such as energy management, workplace management, sustainability, smart cleaning, wellness, and more.

In addition to juggling these services, you may also have to prove performance and compliance across multiple jurisdictions, for multiple clients. There is no shortage of complexity you have to handle.

However, all of this complexity doesn’t have to be bad for business. In fact, global consulting firm McKinsey finds that when properly managed, complexity can provide organizations with benefits such as improved employee satisfaction, which translates into more productive employees. This leads to lower costs to deliver services and higher profits. But, how do you manage complexity? One way is through industry specific process standardization.

Managing complexity through standardization

How do you achieve the benefits of complexity through standardization, you might ask? One way is through the use of a business process solution designed specifically for the facility services industry, such as the Planon Facility Services Business Solution (FSBS). One instance of this solution, applied across all of your operations will enable you to realize the benefits of complexity at scale through process standardization.

Standardization will provide numerous benefits across the delivery of facility services. Benefits include accurate cost and revenue forecasting, quick onboarding of client facilities and assets, optimized work execution and hyper-efficient data tracking for first-time-right invoicing, and the use of analytics to identify performance improvement opportunities. Analyst firm Gartner finds that, digital solutions that enable employee efficiency improvements can result in up to 30% operational cost savings. Imagine the impact of that on your bottom line.

All of this means you will be able to handle more clients, more facilities, and more services, all managed through a consistent set of processes to ensure customer satisfaction and continued business growth.

Unlike other solutions, such as Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), which are aimed at supporting the activities of facility owners and tenants, the Planon Facility Services Business Solution is designed specifically for facility service providers. It supports the simultaneous delivery of facility services across multiple client portfolios through consolidation and standardization of business processes to achieve:

  • Transparent access to and delivery of services
  • On-demand services for flexible hybrid workspaces
  • Hyper-efficient data-driven decision-making
  • Improved data management
  • Integration of new technology solutions
  • Efficiency optimisation of mobile workforces
  • Subcontractor contract management
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Client satisfaction

Choose to tame complexity

Managing the complexity in your business does not have to be hard. There are tools that are designed to help facility service providers to deliver customer satisfaction within stable or continuously evolving customer situations. At Planon, we’ve developed our solution for facility service providers with just this aim in mind. Visit the Planon Facility Services Business Solution page to learn more about how it supports facility service providers to achieve operational excellence.

As a facility service provider who is selecting a Facility Services Business Solution, you may be wondering how to select the right one for your business. Planon is happy to support you on this journey. Have a look at our brochure to learn about the key features and benefits of the Planon Facility Services Business Solution, request a demo or contact us directly with any questions you might have.

    Derrek Clarke, Solution Marketeer at Planon.

    Derrek Clarke

    Senior Solution Marketer

    Derrek Clarke has over 15 years of experience in the building industry. Currently, he is a senior solution marketer at Planon responsible for the positioning of solutions for the facility service provider market.

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