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What shade of green are you?

Earth Day was on April 22nd. This is an annual event intended to raise people’s awareness of how their behavior affects the planet. At 2,023,212,745 people have revealed what they have done to protect the environment. It might have been something simple - like not using the car for a day and taking public transport instead. Have you already done your bit?

Now that we are halfway through the year, this is a good time to
revisit the sustainability objectives we set ourselves for the year.
Which have you already worked on? Which did you immediately abandon?

In 2014, research was conducted with the goal of making existing real
estate more sustainable. To this end, a key role was assigned to the
end-user. How do we translate this end-user’s ambitions, motivations and
information sources into sustainable buying behavior and results? This
study was published in IFMA’s technological journal, FMJ, among others.

Eight different sustainability types were identified on the basis of
this research: Eight Shades of Green. It turns out, for instance, that
40% of end-users can be categorized as “Rich Green Cost-cutters.” These
people invest in sustainability, but prefer it to deliver cost-savings.
Only 9% are “Green Dreamers” or “Unchangeable Green Cheapskates.” They
see few opportunities to invest in sustainability in their
organizations. The good news is that sustainability and cost-savings often go hand-in-hand.

You can test out this system by answering three multiple-choice
questions at Afterward, you will receive some
“green” tips that match your own shade of green.

As for me, I’m a “Persistent Green Frontrunner.” What about you?

Sanne Oostendorp

Project Manager

Sanne used to work for Planon as Project Manager.

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