People using IoT in a Smart Building.

Unlock the benefits of Planon IoT

The future of facility management and building operations is IoT-enabled. In fact, IoT (Internet of Things) is needed to continue to deliver on core business requirements: providing the best facilities, campuses, workspaces, and related services to offer highly efficient, superior user experiences. IoT is not changing the main goal of facility service providers and building managers, it is simply offering new and exciting ways to get there.

According to the Verdantix 2021 Global Corporate Survey, Facility Managers are deploying IoT technologies to support main facility process areas like energy management, space utilization monitoring, predictive maintenance support and capturing temperature data for compliance.

Read this brochure to learn more about Planon’s IoT-enabled IWMS platform, which combines the advantages of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) with the capabilities of IoT into one Smart Building platform. You can easily connect your existing and ongoing IoT projects and devices – as well as add new IoT initiatives to the Planon Platform at your own pace.

Read the Planon IoT solution brochure here.

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