Maintenance man looking at warehouse.

Planon Asset & Maintenance Management

For maintaining the value of real estate and corporate assets

Planon’s Asset & Maintenance Management solution minimizes asset downtime and disruption by managing the entire lifecycle, from start of use, to ongoing management, to removal or sale of asset. It supports maintenance execution: do the right things at the right time in the right way, allowing you to accurately predict costs and maintenance issues while ensuring compliance with any legal requirements and helping your organization meet sustainability goals.

Today’s workplace is constantly changing making maintenance and operations management an ever-more complex task.

Next to protecting the financial value of assets, meeting increasingly stringent government and corporate mandates makes it essential for organizations to plan, manage and monitor maintenance. Moreover, all of these activities must be well planned and coordinated to minimize disruption to an organization’s business.

Yet, armed with the right tools, many organizations are discovering that seamless planning coupled with the introduction of preventive maintenance plans can cut operations and maintenance costs by as much as 10% to 15% while ensuring minimum disruptions in day-to-day activities.

Click here to read this brochure, or watch a 20 minute demo video of the solution.

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