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Planon Mobile Field Services

For full chain integration with your mobile field engineers

Whether you service one or many customers, on one or many sites, with one or many field service teams, as a professional service organization, the pressure is on to continuously sharpen your competitive edge.

It is your challenge to:

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Drive productivity and efficiency in service delivery
  • Comply with health and safety regulations

In today’s business climate the speed and quality of end-to-end service processing is key. And ‘time is money’, but not just in task execution but also in administrative and financial handling. Planon’s Mobile Field Services Solution helps you meet these challenges head on by rapidly and securely providing your field service team with solutions they can use on any mobile device. Seamlessly linked to Planon ProCenter, Planon’s extensive back-office solution where work is planned, allocated, monitored and administratively handled. This solution is offered in combination with a secured cloud service that enables extremely fast implementation and distribution, and maximizes your scalability in use.

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