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Planon Self-Service

For improving accessibility to services and maximize efficiency in processing and communication

The concept of giving customers access to standardized services via the web has never been more relevant than today.

The changing workplace environment, the integration of support services like FM, IT, and HR, and the demand for 24/7 access to services even puts even higher pressure on the need for self-service. A successful implementation of self-service automatically leads to faster processing, improved monitoring, higher customer satisfaction and immediate cost reduction.

Planon Self-Service is a unique solution that supports a seamless interaction and communication with any large community like employees, customers, students or citizens. Self-service solutions gives this community an easy and quick access to any type of standardized services or processes. Full integration of Planon’s Self-Service with Planon ProCenter, results in an end-to-end solution that enables fast, high quality and cost efficient execution of any request, malfunction, reservation, or other applicable selfservice process. This solution also keeps your customers informed on the latest status and any changes made.

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