Office space utilization and efficiency

Planon Space & Workplace Services Management

For a modern workplace strategy

By providing visibility into the distribution and occupation density of all space, Planon’s Space & Workplace Services Management solution enables your organization to reduce costs by ensuring the proper utilization of all space, and actually matching space utilization with departmental demands.

Imagine one person driving two cars to work at the same time and then wondering why he’s paying so much for gasoline and car insurance, not to mention the added environmental impact. This scenario is, of course, absurd. Even if a person could drive two cars simultaneously, he would never be so extravagant.

Yet studies show many companies are doing the same thing by operating twice as many offices and workspaces than they actually need. With office costs per employee as high as $28,000 each year, there is a lot of waste that, with proper space management, can easily be cut.

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