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Planon Workplace Edition

Develop an engaging workplace

Hybrid working has become much more common in these past few years, and as a result, facility managers are left trying to balance real estate and leasing costs, empty desks, and employee engagement. Sound familiar?

Planon Workplace Edition: The Ideal Solution for Professional Workplace Strategists, Facilities Managers and Building Occupants

As a workplace or facilities management leader, you need to navigate a path towards an effective mix of office space, home offices and other remote workplaces that drives increasing employee engagement – helping your organization to perform at its best.

Planon Workplace Edition is a cloud-based, modular software solution, underpinned by smart occupancy and environmental sensors. It helps you address the twin challenges of employee engagement and business resilience.It is the only comprehensive, turnkey solution that meets the needs of innovative workplace strategists, facility services teams and knowledge workers to enhance the workplace experience and build business resilience.

Click here to read the brochure, learn about the key challenges this solution can help you address.

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