Meeting room with conference tables in a circle.

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland: Better meetingroom occupancy by combining Planon software with zone sensors.

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland is a Dutch water utility organization that manages the water, dikes, and wastewater processing plants in Flevoland. The Flevoland province was created from “reclaimed” land, by draining water from the former Zuiderzee Bay. Striving for sustainable water management, this government organization ensures a safe environment for both residents and businesses. Its operating area covers a surface of 370,000 acres of land, surrounded by more than 138 miles of dikes.

After extensive rebuilding, the updated and energy-neutral utility headquarters was reopened in 2017. Under the motto ‘Working Better Together’ the building now serves as a professional meeting place for colleagues and partners, with flexible workplaces for everyone.

“We are an innovative organization and wanted to use this renovation as a time to also apply suitable and modern ICT resources, thus allowing further innovation of our meeting-room management with Planon software,” said Roelof Bakker, Project Manager with Waterschap Zuiderzeeland.

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