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Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights

Affordable and self-installable sensors, combined with cloud-based software to gain insights to improve your space usage in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights is a unique collaboration between Planon and its sensor partner, Disruptive Technologies. Together, we offer you the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to start gathering desk occupancy insights from your buildings.

These tiny, self-adhesive sensors can be installed anywhere, under every desk, within seconds. Plug in the Cloud Connectors to transmit the data to the cloud-, and capture it in the Planon Workplace Insights software.

What do you get?

  • Tiny desk occupancy sensors (per 100 pcs)
  • Cloud Connectors
  • Planon Workplace Insights software
  • Installation guides, including onboarding app
Gain insights to optimize your space usage, align with employee needs and reduce unnecessary energy and cleaning costs.

Desk Occupancy Sensors

Measure occupancy with tiny, self-adhesive, wireless sensors, placed underneath every desk. The sensors detect desk occupancy by measuring the change in temperature caused by a person’s presence. At 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm and a weight of less than an ounce, these desk occupancy sensors are unobtrusive. The technology, patented by Disruptive Technologies, gives these wireless sensors a battery life of between 5 and 15 years, depending on the chosen data transfer interval.

Cloud Connectors

The desk occupancy sensors automatically connect with the nearest Cloud Connector, a plug-and-play gateway, to transmit data to the cloud via an end-to-end secure solution that removes typical security weak points in the IoT architecture and simplifies implementation and maintenance. The Cloud Connectors are, by default, connected to a 4G/LTE mobile connection, or can be connected through your company´s IT infrastructure.

Planon Workplace Insights

Information captured from the desk occupancy sensors is analyzed and conveniently displayed in Planon Workplace Insights. The data is displayed as ‘live’ (near real-time), and historic ‘heatmaps’ are superimposed on your building floorplan, together with a set of occupancy charts for detailed analysis. This helps you make the right decisions to optimize your spaces and align with employee needs. It also reduces unnecessary expenses by managing energy usage and cleaning services based on actual space use.

Easy Setup and Implementation

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights comes with a detailed installation guide and a custom-designed onboarding app enabling you to install the sensors and cloud connectors within hours. Planon experts will then set up your Planon Workplace Insights environment and onboard your floorplans.

With Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights, you can be up and running in days!
About Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world's smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure. These tiny, easy-to-use, robust and affordable sensors integrate into any application and collect all the data points needed to make buildings safe, smart and sustainable, in minutes.

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