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Maintenance Management in Transition | Rising to meet changing needs & expectations

Strengthen your Maintenance Management strategy in a world that demands it all

When is the last time your team had the chance to really review your current asset and maintenance management strategy and explore ways to re-energize it for 2023 and beyond?

These last few years, the world of facilities and operations teams have been running at breakneck speed. With rapid change and the rise of so many new expectations and initiatives, such as hybrid working strategies, corporate ESG and sustainability goals, budget cuts, resource shortages, and more – it may have been easier to just rely on a maintenance management strategy that "gets the job done."

However, keeping a business-as-usual maintenance management strategy means missed opportunities for cost savings, efficiencies, and progress.

So, it’s time for a little inspiration! This livestream event was all about breathing new life into your maintenance management strategy. Watch the recording now to see maintenance management experts from around the globe discuss some of today’s most important changes and how your organization can stay ahead of the game.

There is a recording available for you to watch of the following two sessions at this event:

  • a keynote session from Lionel Prodgers, Managing Director at Agents 4RM and former Chair of both IWFM and IFMA USA
  • a panel discussion with some great experts like Natalie Hofman (EuroFM), Thomas Nielsen (Disruptive Technologies) and Eric Thomassen (Tilburg University).

Watch the free recording now by filling out the form on this page.

Meet the speakers:

Lionel Prodgers - Managing Director of Agents4RM.

Lionel Prodgers,
Managing Director, Agents4RM

Natalie Hofman, Chair at EuroFM and Facility Management expert.

Natalie Hofman,
Chair, EuroFM

Derrek Clarke, Solution Marketeer at Planon.

Derrek Clarke,
Senior Solution Marketeer, Planon

Eric Thomassen, Head of Maintenance Management, Tilburg University

Eric Thomassen,
Head of Maintenance Management, Tilburg University

Thomas Caspersen Nielsen, VP Sales EMEA at Disruptive Technologies

Thomas Caspersen Nielsen, VP Sales EMEA, Disruptive Technologies

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