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The impact of smart building technology on the future of work

Offer a world-class workplace user experience

The nature of the workplace continually adapts to the needs of society and business. Hybrid working models, employee experience and engagement are today’s top priorities. Employees now expect to be able to decide where, when and how they work. As such, facility managers and workplace professionals need to offer a flexible and human-centric workplace.

“Human-centric work design — featuring flexible work experiences, intentional collaboration opportunities and empathetic management — can increase employee performance by as much as 54%.” - Gartner

How can you facilitate such a human-centric office that meets the needs of employees and helps to attract the best talent for your business? In this new webinar, Planon’s smart workplace experts will:

  • Give you an overview of the latest trends in the world of workplaces, and today’s workplace management challenges
  • Examine the changing role of facility managers and workplace professionals in creating a human-centric office
  • Explore how to gain insights to make smarter, data-driven decisions relating to workplace management
  • Showcase how smart building technology helps in creating a smart workplace that enhances the workplace user experience

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Meet the speakers:

Bram Aarntzen, Solution Director at Planon.

Bram Aarntzen

Solution Director

Image of Planon's Senior Solution Marketeer Richard Bellairs.

Richard Bellairs

Solution Product Marketeer

Rebecca Dean

Solution Services Specialist

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