Maintenance worker checking air conditioning data on a tablet.

8 FAQ's about mobile solutions and automation for improved maintenance operations

Mobility, Automation, and the Future of Maintenance Operations

As a real estate or facility manager, you are probably familiar with the manual methods for handling maintenance management: printed work orders, excel spread sheets, pen and paper, and word of mouth. However, these methods are quickly becoming obsolete considering the ever-changing technologies that organizations are investing in to improve their maintenance operations, including mobile app capabilities and integrated maintenance management software.

With the development and introduction of these new software and mobile technologies into the workplace comes many questions, and we explore these questions in our new FAQ. What are the biggest challenges for organizations that haven’t introduced automation or mobility solutions? What can integrated maintenance management software and mobile app capabilities do to improve my processes?

Download a free copy of this FAQ right now to get our answers to eight frequently asked questions about mobile solutions and automation for improved maintenance operations.

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