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Data - the essential resource that powers your facility management processes

Advice & activities to help you create more value from data  

Looking to gain better understanding of the value of your facility and workplace management data? Read this guide from the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM*) – the body for workplace and facilities professionals – and learn how to collect, analyze and use your data efficiently.

Download your free copy of the guidance note “Harnessing the power of data” in which IWFM* stresses the importance of getting the basics right first when improving your data management – based on lessons and insights from senior leaders who have led major digital transformation initiatives at their own organizations or at client sites across multiple industries.

These basics include:

  • Data integration
  • Data governance
  • Data literacy

Don’t run before you can walk

This guide includes tips to instill confidence in the broader efforts to improve the organization’s facility management data capability. And self-assessment activities to help you understand the value of your data and find useful starting points for making a business case for improving your data management.

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* The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the body for workplace and facilities professionals.

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