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Research Report | Key drivers for investing in ESG

Looking to develop your ESG objectives? Check out this research report and discover key drivers for ESG strategy and investments.

Where are businesses currently on their ESG journey?

Those working in the real estate industry are looking to gain a better understanding of where their peers are on their journey to reaching corporate ESG goals, as well as the key drivers that are influencing future investment.

To give you a better understanding of where businesses currently stand, we surveyed over 600 real estate and service provider professionals to bring you relevant insights into:

  • Key drivers for ESG strategy and investment
  • Priorities and challenges around implementing ESG software
  • Common hardware and technologies used today to track, monitor, and report on ESG-related performance
  • Important ESG regulations, certifications and reporting frameworks to watch

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Preview of insights to be found in the ESG Research report.

Key drivers for ESG strategy and investment.

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