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FM as a Key Voice in Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability from an FM perspective

When it comes to sustainability and FM - there is a need to go beyond just the obvious initiatives such as reductions in waste, which are particularly found in design and construction projects.

Taking a step into organizational strategy, Facility Managers can help guide organizations through the selection and deployment of new technologies, such as IWMS, BIM, IoT, and AI – which offer organizations real opportunities to contribute to the sustainable environment throughout the entire building life cycle.

Planon’s VP of Strategic Global Marketing, Nancy Johnson Sanquist looks back on three, seemingly unconnected experiences she had that spurred great discussion around sustainability and FM. The more she explored this topic, the more apparent it became that FM is a valuable, relevant – yet often missing – voice when it comes to organizational strategy around sustainability.

This article originally ran in the FMJ, the official magazine of the International Facility Management Association.

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