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Frost & Sullivan Report: A Path to Sustainable Building Operations

Inside this report, you’ll find a checklist & framework to help you build a winning ESG strategy.

The business case for FM-driven sustainability initiatives

Facility managers, real estate professionals, and FM service providers are vital for creating an effective and lasting corporate ESG strategy. Their knowledge of the organization’s building (services) portfolio and performance data is key as organizations investigate how new regulations around ESG will affect them.

There are many changes, rumors, and priorities your organization must navigate before making decisions around ESG initiatives. In this report, Frost & Sullivan provides insights, tips, and tools like the 6P framework to help organizations understand 6 major impact areas of ESG on their business.

Inside, you’ll also find statistics and research that shows how technology-driven facility management and building operations can help your organization tackle ESG-related initiatives that will also improve business outcomes. For example, research from Frost & Sullivan, Bloomberg, and WTW shows that "35% of cost savings can be achieved through data-enabled predictive maintenance over reactive maintenance."

Find more inside! Download the Frost & Sullivan report now and start using the 6P framework to identify gaps and map out your ESG goals.

Download the report now and get access to important research and statistics that can help you build a stronger business case for the technology tools your RE & FM teams need to support corporate ESG.

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