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A deep dive into how digital transformation helps you solve the challenges ahead

How the digitalization of the built environment will increase sustainability impact

Technology disruptions, COVID-19 transforming the workplace, and the irreversible need to decarbonize buildings are trends that are currently dominating the agenda of real estate and facility management executives. And rightfully so, as they are fundamentally changing the way we do business and operate and manage our buildings.

These trends come with new challenges and opportunities, leading to a market transformation towards smart building sustainable management solutions. Increasingly, the focus is now on providing a shared information platform that empowers all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights.

The content of this paper is based on our experience with more than 3,000 customers worldwide and across multiple industries such as finance, pharma and biotech, retail, healthcare, government, and higher education. It includes the results from our interactions with hundreds of prospects over the past three years, and our intensive collaboration with leading market analysts like Verdantix, IDC, Gartner, and Frost & Sullivan. Also, our long-time engagements with professional associations like IFMA, IWFM, GEFMA, and FMN contribute to the content of the report.

With this paper, we aim to inspire and help RE, FM, HR, and IT decision makers to choose the right technology strategy and set the right priorities. But most of all, to learn how digital transformation will help to solve the challenges ahead.

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