FAQ - The New and Improved Planon Mobile Field Services

If your organization is currently using Planon Mobile Field Services (PMFS), then you’ve already seen some of the benefits, such as greater efficiency and cost savings that it brings to your asset and maintenance related processes. And your field technicians have been able to work faster and meet time crunches more effectively because they can access their work from mobile devices easily.

Because of the great value that PMFS has brought to our clients, Planon has embraced an innovative and market-leading mobile development platform to further boost our mobile innovation and capabilities across all Planon solutions, including PMFS. This platform allows us to develop and deploy new mobile functionality faster and easier than ever before – meaning our clients get new features and valuable updates faster and more frequently.

So, what does this mean for you?

Planon has created a repository of new mobile apps, which will grow over time. We currently have two PMFS apps for clients to choose from: PMFS Standard and PMFS Pro. This paper provides information about the Planon AppSuite, and gives details on the functionality and interface of PMFS Standard and PMFS Pro.

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