The Planon Innovation Lab: a vibrant Learning Hub

We proudly present the Planon Innovation Lab, the place where we come up with groundbreaking solutions and technologies. But the Lab is more than that – it’s a place where education meets innovation. We collaborate closely with educational institutions, as they foster, nurture and develop the necessary skills for innovative thinking and problem-solving as well as the foundational knowledge on technologies, software and research methodologies.

For that reason, our Lab buzzes with energy, filled with students diving into the latest technology and software. Every semester, a new batch of students start their internship or research assignment, coached by Thomas, our Innovation Lab Manager, and under the (surprisingly caring) eyes of Bello, the Innovation Lab Robot Dog. Luckily, not every student leaves Planon when their internship ends, and many smart, innovative and keen young professionals join the Planon family.

Our collaboration with educational institutions goes beyond providing internship opportunities. We actively contribute to curriculum development, ensuring that the academic programmes are based on real-world industry needs and demands, provided with solutions and use cases. The partnership with a particular university in the Netherlands is a prime example, as its students dedicate a significant part of their studies working on challenging practical assignments presented by the Lab. This collaboration is not a one-way street: the Innovation Lab also benefits from the research done by these students and educational institutions.

Moreover, Planon, and especially the Innovation Lab, regularly hosts guest lectures at the Planon Innovation Campus. This gives students a first-hand look at what we do at Planon and reinforces our commitment to practical, hands-on education. It’s more than an internship; it's about empowering the next generation of professionals.

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