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Demonstrate your added value to your customers

Exclusive market insights for service providers

How can professional facility management service providers deliver better value to their customers and be more efficient, scalable and transparent? Prioritising compliance, engaging customers and improving quality of service delivery are key. In 2020 Planon commissioned Verdantix to conduct market research among customers of Service Providers across Europe. This gave us some exclusive market insights into the actual status and maturity of IT and data strategy in the outsourcing of processes and professional services.

Interested in getting more insights into Planon’s research about the challenges service providers face on a daily basis and how they could solve them? Watch our videos to find out more.

Video 5 - First time right invoicing

Video 4 - Delivering value through occupant experience

Video 3 - Improving quality of service delivery is key

Video 2 - A good data exchange is key!

Video 1 - It's all about proving contract compliance!

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