Video - Meeting the challenges of facility management service providers

To increase business profitability and customer satisfaction, service providers like you have been tasked with doing the right things AND doing them right …on both an operational and strategic level.

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Blogs 08/10/2020
Why Service Providers should embrace a B2B2C business model

When commercial service providers extend their existing ‘business to business’ (B2B) relationship with contract managers to also include the end users and ‘consumers’ of the service this series of interconnected relationships is referred to as the B2B2C-model. 

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White Papers 07/09/2018
Research - Disruptive information technology trends affecting the facility management service provider industry

In a joint research report with Panorama, Planon discusses the disruptive technology trends in the service provider industry and our insights into the future. 

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Webinars 08/11/2018
Webinar - Enabling End-User Success

Watch Jeffrey Scott Saunders, Director of the CIFS, discuss the role of Integrated Facility Management in enabling end-user success. 55:13 

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