Brown University Selects Planon’s Facility Management Technology

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March 14, 2018 - Planon announced today that Brown University has taken a step forward in initiatives to enhance its campus facility management through the selection of Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

“The partnership with Planon will allow Brown to implement the most progressive smart campus technology for our facilities management services, which we hope will transform the campus experience for our students, faculty, staff and visitors and, in the process, reduce our costs while enabling greater efficiencies for the university,” said Dr. Ravi Pendse, CIO of Brown University.

Brown chose Planon’s entire IWMS suite and will start implementation with the maintenance and space solutions first. This includes inventory and warehousing capabilities, as well as key functionality for planning, managing and operating the extensive Brown campus portfolio of buildings and assets.

An update on this implementation from Twitter:


“We were impressed with the consistency and cleanness of the user interface of Planon’s IWMS offering across all modules,” said Monty Combs Director of Systems & Services at Brown University. “The system seemed very configurable to meet our needs end-to-end, and the ease-of-use weighed heavily on our decision. We conducted a lengthy, extensive selection process, and gained a consensus that Planon was the best fit for our needs.”

“Planon is proud to work with such an esteemed university as Brown,” said Fred Guelen, Planon’s President of North American Operations. “This partnership is one where the extraordinary leadership and innovation found at Brown University meets the world’s most advanced smart campus technology with Planon. We anticipate that incredible things will happen now we are joining in this exciting partnership.”

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