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Partnership with Xpert In Control helps Planon clients manage legionella risk

8 February 2022 – Planon and Xpert In Control (XIC), provider of turnkey compliance and safety management SaaS solutions, have joined forces to enable building owners to comply with laws, regulations and standards for legionella management.

XIC’s Legionella Management provides crucial process and performance information in one dashboard, while automatically notifying users about deviations and matters that require their attention. It gives organizations control over all legal aspects of legionella management, with clear one-page dashboards and easy-to-use job registration tools, including an automatically linked Bluetooth thermometer - providing customers with real-time insight into the status of their integral legionella management.

Planon Connect for Xpert In Control prevents duplication of building and room data. The XIC Legionella Management module can create water-flushing tasks for taps and rooms marked in Planon as ‘not used.’ Manual legionella tasks, such as water flushing and temperature measurements, can also be fully automated. This produces significant time and cost savings and improves the overall quality of legionella management by reducing the risk of human error.

Peter Derks (Xpert in Control) & Job van Barneveld (Partner Manager, Planon)
Peter Derks (Xpert in Control) & Job van Barneveld (Partner Manager, Planon)

“With XIC’s Legionella Management integrated in the Planon software,  we can now ensure building owners and facility services firms are in control of legionella management. The combination of Planon and XIC identifies the assets requiring maintenance across your whole organization, regardless of location, which helps improve the safety of public and working environments,” said Pierre Guelen, Founder and CEO of Planon.

Peter Derks, Commercial Manager and co-owner of Xpert In Control, commented, “We are really enthusiastic about our collaboration with Planon and expect to help more organizations get a grip on their legionella management at board, management and operational levels. Our easy-to-use safety management solutions fit perfectly with Planon's integral vision and approach.”

Learn more about the benefits of Planon Connect for Xpert In Control via the Marketplace.

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