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Planon Announces Formation of Blue Ribbon Panel to define the Campus of the Future

~ Higher Education professionals collaborate on RE & FM technology needs ~

June 12, 2019 – Planon announced today that it has formed a Blue Ribbon Panel of higher education experts to help define the technology requirements of the campus of the future.  

“The Blue Ribbon Panel will help us take a 360 degree view of campus needs from a real estate and facility management perspective,” said Larry Barkley, Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Panel and Managing Partner with Barkley Consulting Group. “Our goal is to define what ‘users’ of the campus of the future look like. What are their needs? What are their goals? From there, we will look at defining the requirements of a campus management system to best support these future users.”

Several higher education experts across the United States have joined the panel, including Chairman Larry Barkley, Barkley Consulting Group; Nathan Moore, Michigan State University; Gretchen Tucker, University of Kentucky; Pat Turnbull, Board of Advisors, Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology; Bruce Bashwiner, University of Rochester; Tony Malagrino, California State University Long Beach; and Josef Asteinza, New York University Langone Health. Planon’s David Karpook, Jennifer Fittz, and Zachary Hesse will help facilitate the panel.

“Our focus must be on the people – the users of real estate and facilities – on a university campus,” said Fred Guelen, President of North American Operations at Planon. “Planon aims to understand and anticipate the future technology needs of these campus users. Planon’s goal is to continue to provide the most comprehensive, future-proof campus management system available to support real estate and facility management professionals as they deliver world-class campus experiences. It is an honor to work with this fantastic Blue Ribbon Panel of higher education experts.”

This Blue Ribbon Panel will present their research at the Planon User Conference on Monday, June 24, 2019 at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Visit the Blue Ribbon Panel information page to learn more.

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