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Planon launches an innovative solution that provides valuable insights into desk occupancy

Meeting market demands, a plug-and-play desk occupancy solution is now available to businesses of all sizes

July 14, 2022 – Planon introduces Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights. With this product, Planon offers small, affordable occupancy sensors, that can be installed by anyone, combined with Planon’s cloud-based facility management software. This allows organizations to easily obtain occupancy insights to improve space usage in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights offers an accessible solution for organizations that need a thorough understanding of the use of their workplaces and desks. It enables them to reconfigure and right-size their office space for better space efficiency, improve employee experience, and reduce costs for energy and cleaning services.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights is a combined hardware and software proposition in partnership with Disruptive Technologies, the developer of the world's smallest wireless sensors. This unique collaboration provides SMEs and other (corporate) organizations with an affordable sensing solution for desk occupancy in one easy-to-use product.

Information captured from the desk occupancy sensors is analyzed and conveniently displayed in the Planon Workplace Insights platform. The data is displayed as ‘live’ (near real-time) and historic ‘heatmaps’ are superimposed on the building floorplan, together with a set of occupancy charts for detailed analysis.

Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights comes with a detailed installation guide and a custom-designed onboarding app enabling the installation of sensors and cloud connectors within hours. Planon experts will then set up the Planon Workplace Insights environment and onboard the floorplans. With Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights, facility managers, employers, and other organizations can be up and running in one day.

Do you want to learn more about Planon Quickstart for Desk Occupancy Insights? Visit this page and contact us.

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