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A more engaging workplace in the palm of your hand

The most successful businesses will navigate change while addressing the two ever-present challenges of resilience and employee engagement. Employees are demanding more flexibility and employers are offering it.

If businesses are to meet these demands, they’ll need a workplace strategy that can navigate our uncertain times and provide access to first-rate talent. How can you do this in this turbulent world? Smart building technology will be key.

The variety of digital tools that are now available to businesses are already playing a fundamental role in the working lives of employees, but if those tools were closely integrated – as part of a cohesive workplace solution – even further autonomy to engage with the workplace would be in the hands of your employees.
This presents new challenges for facility managers and workplace strategists, who are now tasked with creating a ‘smart workplace’ for employees - one that is both technology-driven and human-centric. But how do you find and implement the right technologies that work today and are future-proof?

In a truly ‘smart’ building, effective space management will help businesses right-size and configure their spaces to match the needs of their employees. Workers no longer sit in the same, fixed location from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. This makes it challenging to keep employees engaged. However, engaged employees are more productive.

Of course, employee engagement is more about people management and company culture than the physical office itself, but still, physical office space can be used as a powerful tool to reinforce company culture. And once you’ve designed a great workplace environment, you need to enable staff to get the most value from it.

Something as simple as supplying your employees with a mobile app can be a great way to begin to deliver a frictionless workplace experience. One where all the elements of a smart building are joined together. And when this app is fully integrated with your space management system, it can also help you to plan workplace services and gather insights into how your spaces are used.

Smart building technology lets you unlock the future of work right here in the present.

Is your organization equipped with the right smart workplace technology? Watch this webinar to find out more about Planon Workplace Edition and the Planon Workplace Engagement App. Discover the benefits that can be unlocked through smart building management solutions - for tenants, building owners, and facility managers.

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