Image of Planon's Senior Solution Marketeer Richard Bellairs.

Richard Bellairs

Senior Solution Marketer

Richard Bellairs is a senior B2B product marketing specialist with more than 25 years of diverse industry experience. He drives go-to-market activities, provides support to our global sales teams, and fosters collaboration between our marketing and product teams.

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Richard is a senior B2B product marketing specialist with more than 25 years of experience across diverse industries. His professional journey began in electronics and software engineering positions at technology companies, where he developed a strong technical foundation. Richard later transitioned into product management and product marketing, leveraging his broad expertise to drive successful go-to-market strategies and oversee the complete product lifecycle.

In 2020, Richard joined Planon as a Senior Solution Marketer, and played a vital role in the development and promotion of Planon's smart workplace proposition. He spearheads go-to-market strategies, conducting comprehensive market research, analytics, segmentation, and positioning to ensure effective product launches. Richard serves as a bridge between our marketing and product teams, collaborating with all relevant stakeholders to align strategies and maximize business impact.

With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Richard creates compelling sales enablement materials and marketing content. He actively shares his insights through blog articles, webinars, and external presentations.

Outside work, Richard enjoys playing the guitar and watching live music. He plays badminton, and especially enjoys camping and skiing holidays with family and friends.