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Sustainable real estate with an integrated ERP system

Sustainability is of critical importance to the commercial and corporate real estate industries. Commercial properties use approximately 35% of the total electricity in the United States, while buildings overall contribute to around 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

As these industries progress, key stakeholders can gain many benefits from combining real estate management solutions and ERP systems. This combination can support sustainability initiatives by providing stakeholders across many different roles with new intelligence and insight.

In this blog, we’ll explore industry trends discussed in an on-demand webinar featuring guest speaker Michele Pelino from Forrester Research, as well as insights on the partnership between SAP and Planon which were discussed by Marco Hofmann from SAP, and Erik Jaspers from Planon.

This partnership is set to transform property management, and assist both commercial and corporate real estate companies in achieving sustainable results.

Some real estate management trends to consider

Significant transformations are taking place in the real estate arena today. This on-demand webinar focuses on the following important topics:

Sustainability reporting has never been more important

Essential systems like heating, cooling, lighting, and refrigeration account for almost two-thirds of the total energy consumption in commercial properties. Optimizing the use of these systems can significantly contribute to achieving an organization’s sustainability goals.

But simply achieving these goals is no longer enough - it is now crucial for organizations to have accurate and intelligent sustainability performance reports. There are many factors driving this, with an increase in regulatory requirements as the main factor. But investor, customer, and insurance-related demands are also high on the list.

The ability to gain competitive advantage, identify opportunities for operational efficiencies, and generate cost savings and financial benefits are also key motivators for organizations to report on sustainability metrics.

Benefits of integrated real estate management and ERP systems

Combining property management solutions with cloud-based ERP solutions will give more insights into important building processes and systems. These insights help real estate professionals to increase tenant satisfaction and ultimately drive more business.

A better understanding of building systems also allows for space to be optimized for employee productivity and well-being. And with better intelligence, professionals can handle important energy and ESG processes and initiatives more effectively.

Eventually, real estate and facility managers can demonstrate the benefits of saving energy and using space efficiently. These benefits include increased sustainability, productivity, and cost savings.

Finance executives can use the intelligence to drive business growth by making the right capital investments. They’ll be better equipped to track building contracts and leases, calculate carbon emissions for sustainability initiatives and will be able to comply with local, national, and international sustainability regulations.

So, in numerous ways, integrating property management solutions with cloud-based ERP systems can provide significant value to many stakeholders across an organization. By partnering together, SAP and Planon offer companies better integrated processes and technology.

SAP and Planon: A game-changing partnership

In the webinar, Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Marco Hofmann, Head of SAP’s Real Estate line of business, and Erik Jaspers, Product Strategy Director at Planon, extensively discuss the partnership between SAP and Planon. Below is a sneak preview of the experts’ insights.

Guest speaker Michele Pelino from Forrester Research

“A comprehensive variety of different stakeholders can benefit from this integrated solution. It'd be interesting to understand how key stakeholders are going to benefit, and which ones benefit most from these combined solution capabilities.”

Marco Hofmann from SAP

“We combined the market leading financial solutions with the market leading real estate and facility management capabilities in a joint offering. With this new offering, we will provide customers new insights and benefits across the organization, and that's pretty much the core piece of our joint offering, and our partnership of course.”

Erik Jaspers from Planon

“It's scalability that you need in order to serve the needs of customers. It is the only way that we see that the market is moving forward. So, a big part of our joint investments has been about connecting the applications and the solutions on a cloud basis.”

To learn more about the key trends in the real estate industry and this game-changing partnership, please watch our free on-demand webinar.

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