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New business models for IFM Service Providers (part 1)

Planon organized a virtual roundtable in cooperation with IFMA, which included a wide range of experts in the service provider industry. Together, they discussed where the service provider industry is headed and how service delivery is going to change in the years to come.

Some of the top trends in the IFM outsourcing market were also discussed as panelists debated these 5 statements:

  • In what service sphere do you anticipate the highest growth for your organization?
  • When people come back to the office after the pandemic the utilization of buildings will change. How will this affect your portfolio?
  • What are the main drivers for you to enhance the customer journey?
  • The market is demanding more sustainable services. How is your organization adapting to this development?
  • Smart buildings are on the rise. What do you see as the ideal IT strategy for connecting PropTech/IoT?

This Key Findings summary includes participant information and important highlights and key conclusions drawn by the expert panel during the Roundtable Discussion.

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The participants were very enthusiastic with the themes discussed and conclusions found during this webinar. Due to popular demand, Planon decided to continue the discussion and created a second roundtable event, in which 5 additional topics were discussed.

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