Roundtable Key Findings - New business models for IFM Service Providers (part 2)

Planon recently organized a Virtual Roundtable in cooperation with IFMA, in which a panel of experts discussed important developments in the Service Provider industry. The Roundtable was a great success, and as such, the discussion was continued in a second Virtual Roundtable.

In this follow-up session, the following five additional questions about top trends in the IFM outsourcing market were posed, and discussed:

    • The facility management industry has been thrust into the spotlight by COVID-19. Looking forward, how are you going to grow after the pandemic?
    • Occupancy rates in offices are now fluctuating more than ever. What will be the key drivers for you to deliver smarter cleaning services?
    • The right Business Intelligence (BI) approach is an undeniable success factor for businesses to grow. What is the main objective of BI for you?
    • Self-delivery of the services is one of the parameters to grow in IFM. How do you use this to attract and retain knowledge?
    • The roadmap has been set to evolve to prescriptive services in IFM. How do you perceive the current market situation?

As with the Key Findings Summary of the first Virtual Roundtable, this second document also includes participant information, important highlights, and key conclusions drawn from the second Virtual Roundtable.

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