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Recommendations for Service Providers

Using data to improve customer retention

Digitising and improving operations and relationships with customers

In the age of digitization, few things are more fundamental to success than having trustworthy data on which to base business strategies. How do organizations perceive the data provided by their service providers? To get key insights into this, Planon commissioned Verdantix to conduct independent market research into the customer world of service providers in Europe. The research focused on the challenges customers face when interacting with their facility management (FM) service providers and how technology and data exchange can meet these challenges.

Download this e-book and get exclusive insights into:

  • The need to prove contract compliance and demonstrate service quality
  • Improving service quality by utilizing intelligent technologies
  • First-time-right invoicing having a positive effect on customer retention and cashflow
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by connecting with customer systems

FM-service providers can benefit from these insights to help them demonstrate their added value to their customers, by improving their processes, adapting their business models and aligning their IT strategy with changing market needs.

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