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Knowing what assets need to be maintained, like HVAC installations, building fabric and production facilities, is an important prerequisite to improve your maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. The assets’ location, age, status, condition and many other attributes determine what maintenance needs to be executed by when and for what costs. Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers contains preconfigured asset categories and data structures that allow fast import of bulk asset data and maintenance catalogues, including activity costs and schedules. This heavily reduces your implementation and data maintenance effort. Smart and networked assets can even be integrated with Planon SOA Webservices to exchange actual status or condition information real-time with the Planon software.

Why Planon software

  • This solution is fully integrated with all other solutions in Planon's IWMS: Real Estate Management, Space & Workplace Management, Integrated Services Management and Sustainability Management
  • All processes are interconnected, based on established market standards and ready for immediate use
  • Stakeholders like maintenance executives, planners, customers, purchase managers, tradesmen, finance , and external providers are all interconnected in one single solution
  • Easy and configurable integration with SAP and any other financial system
  • Very simple and intuitive to use Self-Service portal and Smartphone Apps that internal or external customers can use to report interventions, malfunctions or maintenance requests

Your benefits

  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs by integrated planning, efficient execution, and proactive monitoring
  • Fewer and shorter asset downtimes by transferring maintenance from reactive to planned and condition based
  • Proven compliance with Health & Safety regulations and obligatory measures and documentations
  • Maximized flexibility in your outsourcing strategy because of continuous performance monitoring and management information to validate your strategy
  • Increased value and better performance of your assets and buildings resulting in a commercial attractive and sustainable built environment

The Planon Asset & Maintenance Management solution registers all relevant asset information, maintenance activity libraries, maintenance documentations, health & safety checklists, and supplier information within a single integrated database. All data is immediately available for all maintenance processes like reactive or preventive maintenance and even process like energy monitoring or CAD integration from other Planon solutions. This ensures a single registration of data, a guaranteed consistency and lowest effort to maintain data. Standard import templates allow fast and secure upload of existing data. Smart assets and meters like HVAC installations or Building Management Systems can be connected real-time with the Planon software.

Asset data, such as:

Asset data, such as:

  • Asset classification, identification code, building, space
  • Technical attributes, replacement costs, depreciation schemes, documents, work permits
  • Installation date, last maintenance, actual and required condition, health & safety checklist
Maintenance data, such as:

Maintenance data, such as:

  • Activity classification, type, related budget type, related work orders
  • Maintenance regime, frequency, labor costs, material costs 
  • Relevant assets, condition after maintenance, defect list
Contract data, such as:

Contract data, such as:

  • Contract type, code, status, supplier
  • Duration, start date, end date, notice period, costs, payment conditions
  • Buildings, assets, maintenance activities, service levels, time-to-resolve
Budget data, such as:

Budget data, such as:

  • Budget category, type, applicable time period, actual status
  • Budget value, commitments, actual, remaining, history
  • Related assets, activities, contracts, cost centers
Supplier and staff data, such as:

Supplier and staff data, such as:

  • Supplier name, address, status, public and employers liability
  • Related contracts, assets, locations 
  • Contact persons, contact details, skills, responsibilities and certifications


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