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The Planon Real Estate Management solution delivers full lifecycle support in real estate and ensures an efficient and professional execution in both your operational and strategic processes like Portfolio Management, Strategic Space Planning, Transaction Management, Lease Management, Financial Management and Project Management. Key to this solution is the interconnection between these processes and the standard integration with other Planon solutions like Asset & Maintenance Management and Sustainability Management. The workflow-based execution of processes combined with unique functionalities like graphical plan boards, automated notifications, scenario planning and history tracking make this Real Estate Management solution very easy to use and valuable for all stakeholders and end-users.

Why Planon software

  • The Real Estate Management solution is fully integrated with all other solutions in Planon's IWMS: Space & Workplace Management, Asset & Maintenance Management, Integrated Services Management and Sustainability Management
  • All processes are interconnected, based on established market standards and ready for immediate use
  • Support of all processes during the real estate lifecycle including certified BIM data exchange
  • Easy and configurable integration with SAP, Oracle Finance and any other financial system
  • Single solution for real estate owners, tenants, users, commercial providers and any combination

Your benefits

  • Reduced real estate costs by full portfolio visibility and benchmarking
  • Maximized financial performance by integrated lease administration and financial processing
  • Better utilization of space with tools to analyze, forecast and optimize space usage
  • Professional, compliant and future proof management of your real estate
  • Real Estate management that meets the need of your business

The Planon Real Estate Management solution contains processes that solve real estate challenges at different levels of maturity and complexity. This enables you to both meet your current challenges and achieve your real estate strategy. All processes are ready-to-use and based on market standards as set by leading institutions including IPD, BOMA, CEN, CoreNet and IFMA, and include standardized workflows, user roles, authorizations and reports. These standards can easily be fine-tuned to meet your local needs. All processes are interconnected, use the same data, and are integrated with other Planon solutions to maximize the benefits from having a truly Integrated Workplace Management System.

Portfolio Management:

Portfolio Management:

  • Monitor and improve your real estate occupancy and achieve best alignment with core business demand
  • Analyze and benchmark your real estate’s fit-for-purpose, technical conditions, and financial performances to comply with legislation and to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Visualize and analyze your portfolio in GIS solutions including ESRI or GoogleEarth and combine real estate information with demographical or geographical information to search for the best locations
Lease and Financial Management:

Lease and Financial Management:

  • Compliant processes to manage and change rental, lease, and ground lease contracts and the resulting obligations
  • Manage calculations related to rental price adjustments, payment agreements, rent-free periods and indexations
  • Track expirations and other key risks and obligations through automated alerts
Strategic Space Planning:

Strategic Space Planning:

  • Processes to analyze future need for space and workplaces in different scenario’s to support long-term portfolio planning and strategic decision making
  • Enable your management to update future headcount and space demand as a result of business growth, change, or mergers, and analyze the impact on your real estate portfolio
  • Translate strategic scenarios into operational space utilization alternatives by simply dragging and dropping departments through the spaces to identify the best matching proposal
Transaction Management:

Transaction Management:

  • Processes to prepare and review property acquisition and disposal projects and to manage them effectively to align your real estate with future demand
  • Create scenarios that allow you to evaluate options based on financial considerations or on expected usage type such as office, retail, industrial buildings, and many others
  • Document all conversations, documents, bids and agreements about ongoing transactions to ensure compliance and avoid any transactional risk
Project Management:

Project Management:

  • Processes to manage all projects that are related to your real estate portfolio including renovations, capital replacements, refurbishments and maintenance projects
  • Identify project activities, set priorities, view timelines, breakdown work structures, manage deadlines and budgets and facilitate communication with the project team
  • Keep track of all expenses and budgets related to projects across the portfolio and get automatic alerts if budgets are likely to be exceeded

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