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Press Release - Brown University

Dr. Ravi Pendse, CIO of Brown University: “The partnership with Planon will allow Brown to implement the most progressive smart campus technology for our facilities management services, which we hope will transform the campus experience for our students, faculty, staff and visitors and, in the process, reduce our costs while enabling greater efficiencies for the university.”

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Higher education institutions are unique as they integrate three different roles in one campus environment: students, staff, and faculty. Each stakeholder, from real estate manager to facility manager to field engineer, has its particular goals, targets, and associated needs and requirements regarding the physical environment, facilities, space, services, and support. These needs are impacted by emerging trends like global expansion of education, innovation in educational technology, digital transformation and demographic change, and a growing mix of generations on the campus. Students expect a high-quality learning experience on a productive, comfortable, safe and sustainable campus. They expect easy access to facilities and services that suit their changing needs. Higher education institutions and universities have growing focus on creating these experiences to attract and retain both students and staff. For a campus to add real value for students and help them to use their time efficiently, it should be transformed into a meeting place where both students and staff can study, work, live, play, and socialize.

New challenges for facility and real estate managers in a campus environment

Facility and real estate professionals at universities around the world face numerous – and continuously evolving – challenges in their daily work. The convergence of new technologies, increasing demands and expectations, the need for life-long-learning, and new business models have created new challenges for universities and their campus property management. They have to coordinate all activities to provide an attractive and future-proof learning experience and environment, which is one of the essential missions of all higher education institution or university. Facility, real estate, and campus managers now need to deliver and manage a more robust and dynamic campus management strategy.

In order to properly meet these challenges, higher education institutions adopt innovative technologies  and software solutions to better plan and execute campus operations, improve strategic planning, and to get prepared for new assessment and accreditation processes.

The challenges that facility and real estate professionals at universities around the world face today:

  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Effective campus and space planning
  • Effective maintenance strategy
  • Student and staff engagement
  • Environmental impact and wellbeing
  • Safety and security management
  • Application of evolving technology and innovation

What you need to know about campus management solutions

Integrated Campus Management solutions (ICMS) are proven and easy to use best practice solutions tuned towards higher education requirements and based on Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). IWMS unifies all stakeholders, processes, data and technologies in a single platform that enables and encourages continuous improvement.

Real estate and facility costs represent more than 20% of an organization’s spending. ICMS are software solutions that enable executives and managers to reduce these costs significantly and increase campus efficiency simultaneously. An ICMS benefits any education institute that is looking for more efficiency, transparency, flexibility, and student and staff satisfaction in their real estate and facilities management processes.

Campus management solutions support business processes in real estate management, space management and campus planning, maintenance management, capital project management, events & integrated services management and sustainability management. True campus management software is based on a single database platform where multiple business processes from all disciplines are interconnected. This ensures high quality management information, full compliance, and maximized monitoring and control. Today, campus management solutions are deployed more and more as a service (SaaS), to lower total cost of ownership, reduce time to deploy, and improve integration and scalability. If you are interested in learning more about campus management solutions, please contact us to schedule a demo.

An IWMS is the globally accepted name for software solutions that support processes in facility management and real estate management. The term was initially used in 2004 by Gartner, the leading technology research institute that evaluates and reports on the software and technology markets. IWMS is defined by Gartner as an enterprise-class software platform that integrates key functional areas, operated from a single technology platform and database repository.

Our global success stories

Press Release - California Polytechnic State University

PRESS RELEASE | Planon announced today that California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo selected Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System for the management, development and optimization of their campus facilities.

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Case Study - Eindhoven University

Edwin Spanjaards, Manager Staff Services of the Real Estate department: “Substantial utilization improvements and more cross-faculty use of meeting rooms, workspaces and study places.”

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Press Release - Dartmouth College

PRESS RELEASE | Dartmouth College has selected Planon’s IWMS for optimization of facilities operations.

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From business case to selecting your campus management solution

Before selecting and implementing your campus management solution, it is recommend making a business case including internal and external costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits like cost reduction in space related costs, services and maintenance costs or improved student and staff satisfaction. In many cases the campus management software costs are a minor part of the total investment. Data collection and management, change management, internal costs, IT infrastructure and project management should be considered.

Also, specific customizations or integrations can impact the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) heavily, depending strongly on the vendor and solution of choice. The deployment of the Campus management solution and support model is also a part of the business case: is the campus management solution installed within your organization or hosted by the vendor as a service (SaaS)? Is application management done internally or outsourced to the vendor? These choices will impact both costs and benefits.

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