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Navigating the Future: SPIE’s Practical Approach to Digital Transformation in Facility Services

SPIE: ‘Planon Platform solution, the key for technical services’

SPIE and Planon continue their partnership to optimise efficiency in Digital Facility Services Operations Management using the intelligent automation of the Planon Facility Services Business Solution. In its .22/.23 SPIE Digital Report, SPIE shares interesting details on the key role the Planon Platform plays in its technical services delivery.

As a multi-tech service provider, SPIE harnesses digital solutions to enhance its core capabilities. At the heart of SPIE’s digital strategy lies a commitment to practical and innovative solutions that align with future needs and sustainability goals. This strategic approach not only strengthens SPIE's customer relationships and market position, but also streamlines operational efficiency and enhances its standing as an employer of choice. To leverage its core capabilities, SPIE relies on a network of partners in academia and business.
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Reshape operational practices

The SPIE and Planon partnership journey began back in 2017, when SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, became one of the first German customers for Planon’s software solution specifically for commercial service providers. This collaboration has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved to reshape operational practices. In 2021, SPIE integrated the Planon Platform solution into the operations of the Efficient Facilities business unit. Serving as a foundation, Planon has played a pivotal role in improving analytical services and expanding the range of offerings tailored to meet the evolving needs of SPIE’s customers.

Recently, SPIE published its .22/.23 SPIE Digital Report, in which the company outlines details on how the Planon Platform is key for technical services delivery. Planon was chosen as the standard computer-aided facility management (CAFM, also called IWMS) system because of its compatibility with third-party interfaces, fostering a collaborative ecosystem. Rolled out across approximately 1,700 technicians and 1,500 back-office employees in the Efficient Facilities unit, Planon's impact is evident through enhanced mobility, customer transparency, and quicker response times. The mobile-friendly solution exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in service delivery.

Comprehensive coverage

Georg Wittig, Head of Planon Application Management at SPIE, explains, ‘At the core of the Planon Facility Services Business Solution’s appeal is its comprehensive coverage of the entire service delivery process. Planon’s distinctive approach lies in the seamless integration of third-party solutions, creating a customised system that adapts to internal requirements. Its integrated approach eliminates data silos and establishes a ‘single point of truth’ for operational units, streamlining operations and expediting value realisation.’

After testing in initial pilots, SPIE has rolled out the following applications across the business unit:

With these implementations, SPIE not only enhances its operational efficiency but also cultivates an environment where sustainability, efficiency, and customer-centricity harmoniously converge.

Download a free version of the .22/.23 SPIE Digital Report:

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