Drone image of the Planon innovation campus in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Planon opens new Innovation Campus at its thriving headquarters

Supporting the workplace of the future and creating space to inspire employees

July 6, 2021 – On July 2, Planon officially opened its state-of-the-art Innovation Campus in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This spacious, smart and sustainable office building is a valuable addition to Planon’s headquarters in Nijmegen. It is a testament to the company’s expertise, capabilities and vision around support the workplace of the future.

Planon is a market leader in supporting the digitalization of building management activities, with extensive global expertise and over 2,800 customers worldwide. Keeping a pulse on past, present, and future challenges for office environments, Planon is a firm advocate for the importance of developing a workplace that is both sustainable and encompasses forward-thinking technological capabilities. The company’s insights, knowledge and vision culminated in the establishment of an ‘Innovation Campus’ when Planon acquired a building adjacent to its headquarters.


The use of solar panels, heat pumps, and a planned aquifer thermal energy storage system within the facility ensures that the building is on its way to becoming energy neutral. The Dutch central government aims to create a completely energy-neutral environment by 2050, and Planon is determined to stay at least one step ahead.

“Planon is growing at a rate of 15 to 20 percent annually and our team is rapidly expanding,” said Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon. “We are committed to keeping our employees a top priority, and believe that our Innovation Campus can inspire and motivate our community in new and exciting ways.”

The Office as Living Lab

“Our new campus breathes innovation,” said Rick Coenen, Manager, Innovation Lab at Planon. The new Planon Innovation Campus is filled with the latest building and workplace technologies, including sensors that are designed to continuously measure building use and health characteristics. This not only contributes to creating a healthy and sustainable workplace, but it also helps to optimize maintenance and cleaning activities. Thanks to real-time insight, Planon is able to clean only those offices and meeting rooms that have actually been used.

“Data plays a crucial role in our smart campus,” continued Coenen. “The office is a Living Lab, allowing us to show what is possible today and to create possibilities for the future in the field of innovative building technology. Everything revolves around testing new ideas and experimenting with new and existing technologies. We do this together with start-ups, students, and with our clients and partners, fostering collaboration and co-creation.”

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