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The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution supports all processes to plan, allocate, analyze and change all connections between departments and spaces, people and spaces, assets and spaces, and workplaces and spaces. The standard integration of this solution with Planon’s Real Estate and Sustainability Management solution allows you to align space and workplace strategies with your company’s real estate and sustainability goals and vice versa. This solution helps space planners to increase the efficient use of space, and facilitates the core business workforce with smart tools and technology to dynamically use flexible workplaces and offices.

Why Planon software

  • The Space & Workplace Management solution is fully integrated with other Planon solutions like Real Estate Management, Sustainability Management, and Integrated Services Management
  • Allocated, shared, and dynamic space and workplace concepts allow you to choose and combine the workplace strategy that meets your current and future organization’s needs
  • Intuitive to use Self-Service portal, Kiosk and Touch screen devices, and smartphone Apps make meeting rooms and flexible workplaces very easy to reserve and use
  • Reference data awareness allows you to analyze space attributes, occupancies and vacancies in the past and present, and even plan in the future
  • The standard bi-directional integration with AutoCAD® ensures a maximized graphical support and scenario planning in space management and space planning processes

Your benefits

  • Insight in space utilization that drives optimization, space reduction, and cost reduction
  • Graphical visualizations and analyses that create transparency and support scenario planning
  • Increased occupancy and effective use of meeting rooms, project spaces, and workplaces
  • Move processes are planned and executed costs efficiently with less business disturbance
  • Maximized support of your core business with space and workplace offerings that meet the organizations’ demand

The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution contains processes that support multiple space and workplace allocation strategies like fixed allocation, shared allocation, or dynamic usage. This allows you to continuously evaluate and improve space occupancies and workplace utilizations and optimize the alignment with core business demand. All processes are ready-to-use and include standardized workflows, user roles, authorizations and reports. These standards can easily be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. All processes are interconnected, use the same data, and are integrated with other Planon solutions to maximize the benefits from having a true Integrated Workplace Management System.

Space allocation management:

Space allocation management:

  • Allocate space to departments and cost centers, analyze space usage and occupancies, and charge back costs for space usage to occupants
  • Use intuitive and graphical plan boards to visualize and optimize space utilization, reallocate space, share a single space with multiple occupants
  • Create colored space mappings with the inbuilt CAD viewer to visualize space usage per department, occupancy per floor, space vacancy per reference date, or any other analyses
Flexible workplace management:

Flexible workplace management:

  • Define your fixed, shared, and flexible workplaces per building, floor or space and manage their allocation
  • Support fast search for available workplaces and find colleagues easily by using smartphone Apps
  • Check in on a available workplace by using intuitive Touch Screen and Kiosk solutions or smartphone Apps that scan workplace related RFID tags or QR codes
Dynamic space and meeting room management:

Dynamic space and meeting room management:

  • Support the dynamic and short use of meeting rooms, project spaces and supporting facilities with reservation management and associated back office processes like services management and back charging
  • Facilitate people with tools like Self-Service, smartphone Apps, and intuitive Room Booking Panels to search available meeting rooms and increase their accessibility
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Exchange to establish calendars and schedules as the starting point for additional meeting room management processes
AutoCAD® integration:

AutoCAD® integration:

  • Visualize and query space utilization and create colored space mappings from within your AutoCAD® software
  • Graphically modify or merge spaces, change sizes and space usage in AutoCAD® and synchronize these changes automatically with the Planon database
  • Create graphical space allocation scenario’s in AutoCAD® and validate results and consequences within the Planon database and implement the scenario of choice
Move and change management:

Move and change management:

  • Collect all requests for individual on boarding of new employees, moves, or demand for additional space by using Service Desk processes or preconfigured Self-Service web forms
  • Ensure approval workflows, validate move requests, analyze move dates and space requests, estimate costs, and communicate to requestors and management
  • Plan and execute move requests, bundle activities into projects, create job tickets, track costs, monitor work execution, charge back costs and analyze results

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