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Articles & white papers | 07/23/2015
Article - The emerging role of the city as a workplace

What defines 'the world of workplace'? When we talk about 'workplace' today, we often refer to a building and review its performance in relation to the requirements of the owner of that building (either owned or leased). But buildings are effectively nodes of those grids that we call cities. And cities are transforming and innovating at an accelerating pace, their innovation projects often funded by governments. So what influence do cities have on the trades of housing and FM services? 

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Articles & white papers | 10/23/2014
White Paper - Agile Workplace Management

The average workspace costs around $13,000 per year, with only 50% of spaces used on a typical working day. Facility and Real Estate Managers are constantly looking for solutions to maximize occupancy, match supply and demand of spaces and services, as well as reduce costs and energy consumption. Agile Workplace Management helps meet these challenges by optimizing the utilization of your space and services in a continually changing working environment. 

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