What we do

Planon is the leading global software provider that enables real estate owners and occupiers to solve their facility management and real estate challenges effectively with integrated software solutions. Commercial service providers benefit from Planon software by creating operating efficiency, increased customer value, and enabling business innovation.

Planon understands that the added value of information systems resides in delivering high-quality management information. If that information originates in truly integrated solutions, it contributes to the realisation of measurable improvements in business processes – such as better quality, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.

This is why Planon’s standard software is “integrated by design” and has been developed 100% in-house. Planon provides solutions for building owners and occupiers, commercial service providers, and financial controllers. Planon collaborates closely with other software suppliers to enable seamless integration with a range of other business critical applications and technologies.

Planon’s solutions seamlessly match with the needs of multinational companies, offering worldwide support and globally standardised software that allows for local customisation, including broad functionality for multiple languages, time zones and currencies. Although Planon operates internationally, delivery and implementation is managed on a local level and takes into account local and legal requirements through simple configuration. The Planon solutions have been designed to meet the requirements of different users, to ensure maximum employee acceptance and use.

Planon has encapsulated 35 years’ experience with over 2,500 international implementations into a standardised best practice - called Accelerator - including preconfigured workflows, standards, reports, management dashboards, catalogues, templates, roles, authorisations and data import features. Using these standardised best-practice processes – which can be easily customised – saves time, money and unnecessary effort in the implementation process while simultaneously creating a foundation for future growth. This allows Planon customers to benefit from experience, knowledge and market standards combined in one future-proof solution that evolves with their organisation.

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