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Connecting buildings, people and processes

What we do

We are your market-leading Smart Sustainable Building Management solution provider. We believe building users, owners and service providers deserve better and more integrated experiences.

We understand that you can only gain added value from your management information systems if they deliver high-quality information. If that information originates in truly integrated solutions, it contributes to the realisation of measurable improvements in your business processes.

Our advanced set of capabilities connects your buildings, people and processes, by eliminating data silos and aligning solutions into one shared information platform. We reduce the complexity coming from the divergence of multiple independent systems and thus empower all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights.

Our leading digital platform for Smart Sustainable Building Management provides you with:

  • The central platform to facilitate building operations for all parties: owners, building users and service providers
  • Integrated data exchange between building hardware (OT) and those using and managing that hardware
  • Seamless integration with a range of business critical applications and technologies
  • An ecosystem of connected solutions from different vendors with Planon as the core integration platform
  • The tools to help create a sustainable and net-zero future for the buildings of the world.

Our multilingual solutions are rich in functionality and built on cutting-edge cloud-based technology. They are based on a single data source and integrated by design. This allows you to easily scale and extend your preferred property technology (PropTech) across domains at any time. It also enables maximum employee acceptance and use.

Our standardised but easily customisable best practice ‘Accelerator’ solution saves time, money and effort in the implementation process while simultaneously creating a foundation for future growth. You will benefit from experience, knowledge and market standards combined in one future-proof solution that evolves with your organisation.

Planon is the leading global software provider that enables real estate owners and occupiers to solve their facility management and real estate challenges effectively with integrated software solutions. Commercial service providers benefit from Planon software by creating operating efficiency, increased customer value, and enabling business innovation.